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Shot of a young businesswoman having a brainstorming session at work
How should you be structuring your content plans?

In case you didn’t know, content is still king on the internet (duh!) —which means how you present your content is still just as important as ever. Be it blogs, photos, articles, interactive posts, or whatever you’re designing for your audience, structure and implementation is key to it’s success. So, what are the best ways […]

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Young man is holding his mobile phone up above his head and capturing that perfect time of the day when sun is going down
Instagram — the new social marketing king?

For big brands, the difference in engagement can be staggering between Instagram and other social networks. Let’s take a look at a post shared on Facebook recently about the premiere of Mercedes’ new A-Class — which to date has garnered over 12k likes from the well-known car marker. This seems like Impressive reach … until you consider […]

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